3D Machine Control Modeling

Our surveyors utilize the latest Trimble technology to produce 3D GPS models for machine control which bridge the gap between design and existing conditions.  Through the use of this model, contractors can eliminate a majority of the construction layout needs for accurate placement of dirt, footings, and other materials.  Our surveyors routinely establish primary control networks to localize machine control equipment. Our machine control localization process involves more than just a control loop and typically includes multiple checks on site to verify site benchmarks, existing structures, and property lines. 

Our 3D models are designed to eliminate a majority of the construction layout typically required for grading and construction.  However, our construction layout team is always available if additional staking is desired.


3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D laser scanners collect millions of points to produce a very dense and accurate collection of individual point cloud measurements.  3D scanning services can be used during every aspect and phase of construction.  3D scanning services can provide contractors insight on existing building conditions paired with the accuracy needed for construction planning. Contractors most frequently use our 3D scanning services to verify existing conditions on site both pre and post construction. Laser scanning is a fast, accurate and non-intrusive way to collect as-built construction data, and eliminates the need to return to the site for additional measurements.